Emergency call system for rehab clinics, care and old people's homes

Greater security and faster assistance, even in large establishments. The DMS-12 call system provides notification of where assistance is required quickly and reliably.

The DMS-12 call and alarm system can be used as an assistance call system in establishments such as rehab clinics, old people’s homes and care centres. In the individual rooms, bathroom facilities and communal rooms, a T-12 alarm with push button or a WT-12 pull button can be installed in fixed position. Staff are given an R-12 mobile receiver and can see from the display where the alarm was triggered when a call comes in. It is also possible to trigger special calls from the mobile wireless receiver to alert additional personnel. The base station of the DMS-12 call system is set up in the nurses’ room or in reception and is also notified wirelessly in the event of an alarm. The station not only shows an overview of where a call has been triggered and who is attending, but also the status of the battery charge and wireless connection for each individual system component. With the aid of the RT-12 repeater, several floors or buildings can be connected to the system network. Statistics on incidents or time until help arrives on site can be compiled very easily using the logging functions on the base. A wide range of setting options for alarms, signals and system behaviour also allow individual configuration of the call system. Using wireless technology, the call system can be installed quickly and easily with no costs for laying cables.


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