Light control with maintenance function

We offer you professional wireless solutions for light control, including a maintenance function.

The SHT-12 MF multifunction hand-held transmitter has an address that can be activated. With this function, one of up to 1000 receivers can be selectively controlled. For this purpose, the desired address is used during the learning process of the transmitter into the receiver.

In the application, it is sufficient to enter the desired address before triggering the command. If a command is subsequently entered, only the receiver with which exactly this address was learned reacts. All available commands are available for each address.

Production halls, hotel foyers, stairwells, churches and large shopping centres often have a large number of lights. These have to be adapted daily to the prevailing conditions. In addition to simple switching on and off, some lights also have additional functions. For example, the inclination or brightness can be adjusted. A maintenance function for lowering the lights saves time and effort for access equipment or scaffolding.

With the SHT-12 MF it is possible to control all these functions individually for each light. Additionally all lights can be controlled at the same time. The address 000 is learned for all lights and an additional address is learned individually for each light.

If the address 000 is entered and then the ON button is pressed, all lights are switched on. If the address 123 is entered and the OFF key is then pressed, only the 123 light is switched off.


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