DMS-12 call and alarm system

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The DMS-12 is designed for use in large institutions. The alarm system is ready to use in no time and there is no expensive laying of cables. The bi-directional wireless system consists of a base station, alarms with a call button, portable receivers and repeaters. Keep an eye on things and respond immediately whenever help is required.

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  • The DMS-12 is designed for use in large institutions. The alarm system is ready to use in no time and there is no expensive laying of cables. Installation is extremely easy and operation is intuitive right form the start. The bi-directional wireless system consists of a base station, alarms or pull switches, while portable receivers and repeater stations can be used as options to extend the wireless range. The modular structure of the system allows for simple extension with very little installation work or cost. The entire system monitors itself and reports any faults immediately to the control centre and, as an option, to the portable receivers, too. Problems such as low battery power or poor wireless communication with a component are displayed immediately and can therefore be resolved at an early stage.

    The DMS-12 call and alarm system offers a wide range of advantages and possibilities.

    • Up to 250 different alarm lines
    • Operation and configuration via 5.7” touchscreen panel
    • Complete system administration
    • 3 user levels with different authorisation rights
    • Automatic monitoring of the wireless connection
    • Central and individual configuration of all components
    • Clear representation of all components, their battery level, signal strength, and much more.
    • Documentation with date and time
    • Long-term archiving of all events via USB interface
    • Individual setting options such as alarm names, choice of alarm notification, and much more.
    • Contact outputs to control external signal generators or phone dialling units
    • Software updates by USB
    • Uninterruptible power supply on request


    Our call and alarm systems are characterised by their intelligent wireless communication. With extremely short response times, the frequency channel is tied up for a minimum amount of time. The special transmission characteristics familiar from the SH-12 wireless series ensure extremely low interference during operation. Thanks to this wireless transmission that is immune to interference, ranges of over 100 m can be achieved inside buildings, depending on the circumstances. At the same time, ergonomics and design bring an appealing external appearance and technology together in harmony. For strong, narrow-band interference or use of several parallel wireless systems, the working frequency can be set to meet individual needs. The DMS-12 is programmed with a serial number in the factory. This provides greater security and turns every call system into a unique network that can be distinguished easily.

    Here is a small selection of the areas in which the alarm system has already proved itself:

    • Rehab clinics
    • Replacement system in clinics and hospitals
    • Temperature monitoring in the food industry
    • Production in industry
    • Hotels
    • Public buildings
    • Riot alarms in schools
    • Old people’s and care homes
    • Universities


    In a rehab clinic, for example, the alarms are installed in the patients’ bedrooms. Pull buttons are attached to every shower and WC in the building. The care staff have portable receivers and are notified of an incoming call whenever it arrives. Repeaters not only ensure wireless communication within the multi-storey building but also link the neighbouring building into the system. The control centre is set up at reception.

    We will be happy to provide you with individual advice on selection and design of your call and alarm system or integration of your components. You will find further information in our DMS-12 brochure

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    Manual DMS-12 call and alarm system

  • Frequency:

    433,62 MHz to 434,22 MHz

    Housing dimensions:

    approx. 290 x 200 x 120 mm


    2 x relay by screw terminals, located internally

    Switching capacity:



    5,7″ Touch-Display


    Multi-flex antenna (BNC)

    Temperature range:

    0 °C to +50 °C

    Power supply:

    12,0V – 24,0V DC, by plug-in power supply 230V AC

    Current consumption:

    approx. 0,5A

    Scope of supply:

    Receiver base with multi-flex antenna and plug-in power supply

    Order reference:

    DMS-12 call and alarm system

    Item number:



    BNC-connection set (00069.01), CG service configuration and labelling for call and alarm systems (09100.86)

  • Applications

    Emergency call system for rehab clinics, care and old people’s homes

    Schwesternrufanlage für Kliniken und Heime

    Riot and amok alarm system


    Calls for assistance in production

    Personenrufanlage in der Produktion

    Temperature monitoring


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