SH-12 RP Repeater


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The SH-12 RP repeater receives and reproduces wireless signals from all products in the SH-12 wireless series. No modifications are required for subsequent integration into a system. Various operating modes and settings allow for customised configuration.

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  • The SH-12 RP repeater receives wireless signals from all products in the SH-12 wireless series, evaluates them and transmits them again with full signal strength. The SH-12 RP therefore opens up a lot of new possibilities within the SH-12 wireless series.

    • Overcome obstacles easily – whether it’s metal gates or thick walls
    • Ranges of several kilometres – by arranging several repeaters in series
    • Connect large areas – to ensure radio communication even in the most remote corner of your site, for example


    The SH-12 RP can be integrated into a system when it is being set up or it can be retrofitted. No modification of the existing components of the wireless system is required. With the aid of various operating modes and settings, the repeater can be adapted individually to a specific application. LEDs provide information about function and transmission behaviour.

    The “Traffic Control” function can be activated to reduce the wireless traffic. With this function the SH-12 RP analyses incoming signals and only becomes active if this is necessary for successful wireless communication.

    The SH-12 RP can also be set to “learn” mode. This function makes it possible to repeat signals from known transmitters only. In addition to the reduction in wireless traffic, the “learn” mode allows the architecture of the wireless system to be designed according to individual requirements.

    For applications that require a reduced energy consumption, the SH-12 RP also has an appropriate solution, the “LCC” mode.

    The SH-12 RP is supplied ready to connect with an IP55 housing and integrated helical antenna. By fitting an external or remote antenna, the long range of the repeater can be extended even further. With our BNC connection option (item no.: 00069.05), we will fit a BNC connection in the factory in accordance with the housing protection class. If installation is to be carried out after delivery, the BNC connection kit (item no.: 00069.02) can also be used for self-assembly. It is then possible simply to plug in one of the external antennas from our range of accessories. The BNC- connection set (item no.: 00069.01) also allows the antenna to be positioned in the optimal remote position.

    We will be happy to advise you on the selection of appropriate receivers and transmitters.



    Manual Repeater SH-12 RP

  • Frequency:

    433,62 or 434,22 MHz

    Housing colour:

    Light grey

    Housing dimensions:

    approx. 85 x 85 x 37 mm

    Protection type:



    Visual with 2 LEDs


    Integrated antenna

    Temperature range:

    -20°C to +65°C

    Power supply:

    5,0V – 16,0V DC

    Current consumption:

    Stand By 20mA (LCC-Mode Stand By 4mA)


    Screw terminal internally located

    Order reference:

    Repeater for radio series SH-12 SH-12 RP

    Item number:



    BNC-connection option (00069.05), BNC-connection kit (00069.02), BNC-connection set(00069.01), Multiflexantenna (00069.00), Plug-in power supply with open cable ends (00035.50)

  • Applications

    Control over several kilometres

    Fernsteuerung über große Reicheite

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Plus 19% MwSt.
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Plus 19% MwSt.
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Plus 19% MwSt.
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Plus 19% MwSt.
Delivery Time: approx. 3 working days