T-12 alarm


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With the T-12 portable alarm, a call can be triggered securely and conveniently. Easy activation of the large button is confirmed both acoustically and visually. An acknowledgement LED indicates whether the call has been triggered successfully and is being dealt with.

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  • With the T-12 portable alarm, a call can be triggered securely and conveniently. Easy activation of the large button is confirmed both acoustically and visually. The pressure point is set in such a way that triggering of the alarm can be felt unmistakably. The 3-dimensional contours of the key film makes it possible to use the alarm safely even in complete darkness.

    The red acknowledgement LED indicates that the call has been sent until the staff reset it. A green LED flashes at regular intervals and notifies the DMS-12 that a wireless connection has been made. If the wireless communication is disrupted, this is displayed directly at the control centre and, as an option, on the portable receivers. Each pull button is also equipped with a temperature sensor and transmits the ambient temperature to the DMS-12 base unit at regular intervals. An alarm can be triggered if the temperature exceeds or falls below a set value and the thresholds can be set individually for each pull switch on the control centre.

    Our call and alarm systems are characterised by their intelligent wireless communication. With extremely short response times, the frequency channel is tied up for a minimum amount of time. The special transmission characteristics familiar from the SH-12 wireless series ensure extremely low interference during operation. Thanks to this wireless transmission that is immune to interference, ranges of over 100 m can be achieved inside buildings, depending on the circumstances. At the same time, ergonomics and design bring an appealing external appearance and technology together in harmony. For strong, narrow-band interference or use of several parallel wireless systems, the working frequency can be set to meet individual needs. The alarm is programmed with a serial number in the factory. This provides greater security and turns every call system into a unique network that can be distinguished easily.

    We will be happy to provide you with individual advice on selection and design of your call and alarm system or integration of your components.



    Manual 1-channel alarm – T-12

  • Frequency:

    433,62 MHz to 434,22 MHz

    Housing dimensions:

    approx. 71 x 55,5 x 21 mm

    Control functions:

    1 push button


    Integrated antenna

    Temperature range:

    -20 °C to +65 °C

    Power supply:

    2 x 1,5V (AAA cells)

    Scope of supply:

    Alarm with integrated temperature sensor, attachment material and batteries

    Order reference:

    T-12 alarm

    Item number:



    CG service configuration and labelling for call and alarm systems (09100.86)

  • Applications

    Emergency call system for rehab clinics, care and old people’s homes

    Schwesternrufanlage für Kliniken und Heime

    Riot and amok alarm system


    Calls for assistance in production

    Personenrufanlage in der Produktion

    Temperature monitoring


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Delivery Time: approx. 3 working days


Delivery Time: approx. 3 working days