Wireless control of roller shutters and gates

We offer you professional wireless solutions for specific wireless control of a large number of roller shutters and gates.

With the multifunctional handheld transmitter SHT-12 MF it is possible to select up to 1000 controllers and receivers individually via the 1-3 digit address input. Up to 18 functions can be triggered for each of these controls, depending on the handheld transmitter setting. The individual functions are represented on the screen by up to 3 individually adjustable numbers, letters or symbols.

4 potential-free relays can be controlled per receiver in combination with the multifunctional receiver SHR-12 K4.

On a large factory site, signs with the corresponding gate number are mounted above the individual gates. This gate number also corresponds to the address which must be entered into the handheld transmitter. An SHR-12 K4 is also installed at each gate. If relay 1 is set, the gate will move up. If relay 2 is set, the gate will move down. By configuring the receiver appropriately, relay 1 and relay 2 can be mutually interlocked.

Each door also has a light and a siren, which can also be controlled with the handheld transmitter. For this purpose, light and siren are controlled by relays 3 and 4. The timers for these relays are set in such a way that the relays are set for 10 minutes after the transmitter command is received and then drop out automatically.

The corresponding symbols are set on the handheld transmitter: Arrow up for up, arrow down for down, square for stop, star for siren and light. With the large embossed keys and the protection class IP65, the handheld transmitter can be operated even under rough conditions and with gloves. The shock protection provides additional protection and its grip prevents the handheld transmitter from slipping away from the dashboard.

With the appropriate configuration and suitable teach-in, each individual handheld transmitter can now control all gates with all their functions. The functions are clearly shown on the display with symbols. The address can be read directly at the gate as it is moved forward.


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