Gateway GW-12 for the management of sub-nets

Gateway GW-12 for the management of sub-nets

The Gateway GW-12 creates and manages sub-nets within a large call system. Sub-nets work on a different frequency channel and thus relieve the base net considerably. In addition, the gateway has the complete repeater function and thus replaces a repeater RT-12.

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The Gateway GW-12 is used to create and manage sub-nets. A sub-net works on a different frequency channel than the base-net and consists of a node, the gateway and the assigned alarms. Other components cannot be assigned to a subnet. The node takes over the radio monitoring of all assigned alarms. Events are forwarded directly to the base station via the base- net. Other data, such as measured temperatures, signal levels and battery levels are stored and collected and transmitted to the base station at an adjustable interval. In this way, the basic network is only slightly loaded by the alarms assigned to a sub-net. This creates capacities for the communication of receivers, repeaters and base net alarms.

In addition to their role as nodes of a sub-net, gateways have the complete repeater functionality of an RT-12 repeater, which means that the GW-12 can be used to overcome equally large distances and obstacles in the base-net.

The necessity of gateways depends on the system size as well as on the system configuration. In a standard configuration, it is recommended to use gateways with a system size of 100 components or more.

Our call and alarm systems are characterised by their intelligent wireless communication. With extremely short response times, the frequency channel is tied up for a minimum amount of time. The special transmission characteristics familiar from the SH-12 wireless series ensure extremely low interference during operation. Thanks to this wireless transmission that is immune to interference, ranges of over 100 m can be achieved inside buildings, depending on the circumstances. At the same time, ergonomics and design bring an appealing external appearance and technology together in harmony. The integrated uninterruptible power supply ensures reliable operation even in the event of a power failure. The gateway is programmed with a serial number in the factory. This provides greater security and turns every call system into a unique network that can be distinguished easily.

The Gateway GW-12 is delivered in a shapely housing incl. plug-in power supply and 9V block.

Attention:For the use of gateways it is necessary that the basic network of the entire system operates on frequency channel 1.

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Technical specifications

Order reference: Gateway GW-12
Temperature range: -20°C to +65°C
Item number: 01295.90
Power supply: Plug-in power supply via 230V mains supply
Housing dimensions: approx. 140 x 140 x 46 mm
Antenna: Internal antenna
Frequency: 433,62 MHz to 434,22 MHz
Scope of supply: Gateway incl. plug-in power supply and 9V block battery
EAR Registrierungsnummer: WEEE-Reg.-Nr. DE 31113729


Manual Gateway GW-12

DMS-12 Flyer

Harmlessness Declaration


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