Minicall-12 - self-monitoring emergency call system

Minicall-12 - self-monitoring emergency call system

The MINICALL-12 self-monitoring emergency call system has up to 12 alarm lines and can be extended with alarms, portable receivers, wall pull switches, signalers and repeaters. Its attractive entry-level price, easy operation and the extremely straightforward installation make the Minicall-12 very popular. All components can be put together to a set and we take care of the pre-configuration free of charge.
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The MINICALL-12 self-monitoring emergency call system is designed for limited requirements and a small budget. The small, light call system has 12 monitored alarm lines. Up to 5 alarms and one optional signaler can belong to each line. In addition, up to 5 RT-12 repeaters and 5 R-12 portable receivers can be added to the system.

Its attractive entry-level price, easy operation and the extremely straightforward installation make the Minicall 12 very popular. The calls, alarms and reports are triggered by the MT-12 alarm or WT-12 pull switches and transferred to the Minicall-12 receiver. There they are sorted according to their source, displayed by LED and signalled acoustically. The emergency call system is equipped with a battery back-up and can therefore cope with a mains failure of several hours. If it is necessary to leave the workplace, the Minicall-12 can easily be taken with you. Even the batteries in the alarms and the wireless communication with each component in the call system are monitored and problem cases are indicated on the emergency call system immediately. 2 LEDs provide information about transmission behaviour and power supplies.

Optional portable R-12 receivers are available for the emergency call system so that it is not first necessary to check the Minicall-12 call system to see which alarm has triggered the call. The messages appear in plain text on the display. For large buildings with several floors, RT-12 repeaters can be integrated very easily to extend the range. Signalers can be used, for example, as room signal lamps to indicate the call of an alarm line in front of a room.

Our call and alarm systems are characterised by their intelligent wireless communication. With extremely short response times, the frequency channel is tied up for a minimum amount of time. The special transmission characteristics familiar from the SH-12 wireless series ensure extremely low interference during operation. Thanks to this wireless transmission that is immune to interference, ranges of over 100 m can be achieved inside buildings, depending on the circumstances. At the same time, ergonomics and design bring an appealing external appearance and technology together in harmony. For strong, narrow-band interference or use of several parallel wireless systems, the working frequency can be set to meet individual needs. The Minicall-12 is programmed with a serial number in the factory. This provides greater security and turns every call system into a unique network that can be distinguished easily.
Here is a small selection of the areas in which the call system has already proved itself:

  • Physiotherapy practices
  • Security companies
  • Discotheques
  • Medical practices
  • Fitness studios
  • Sheltered housing
  • Old people's and care homes
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Public bodies
  • Wellness, beauty and saunas

Just put together your own set with the selection fields above and we will take care of the pre-configuration of your individual system free of charge.

Attention:  When ordering a set, we learn one alarm or signaler per alarm line as standard, starting with alarm line 1. The labelling of the alarms or signalers corresponds to the number of the alarm line. Receivers and repeaters are also added to the system. If this configuration cannot be implemented or if you require an adjustment, we require a detailed description of your configuration. If the description is not complete, the delivery time may be extended due to queries. Translated with

We will be happy to provide you with individual advice on selection and design of your call and alarm system or integration of your components.

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development and configuration

Technical specifications

Control functions: 12 pushbuttons, potentiometer for volume control
Order reference: Minicall-12 - self-monitoring emergency call system
Item number: 01295.11
Power supply: 12V DC, via plug-in power subbly 230V AC
Accessories: Stand for Minicall-12 (00055.00), CG service configuration and labelling for call and alarm systems (09100.86)
Outputs: 1x potential-free relay
Antenna: Integrated antenna
Switching capacity: 30V/10A
Frequency: 433,62 MHz to 434,22 MHz
Scope of supply: Minicall-12, Plug-in power supply and batteries
Power failure bypass: 5x 1,5V alkaline batteries (AA)
Dimensions: approx. 120 x 140 x 35 mm
Signaling: Visual with 2 + 12 LEDs and acoustic with beeper
EAR Registrierungsnummer: WEEE-Reg.-Nr. DE 31113729


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