SHT-12 C8D 8-channel hand-held transmitter with seal and opt. addressing

SHT-12 C8D 8-channel hand-held transmitter with seal and opt. addressing

With the SHT-12 C8D hand-held transmitter, up to 8 different functions can be triggered. LEDs provide information about transmission behaviour, confirmations and power supply to the transmitter and receiver. The profile seal and a special keyboard film allow operation in damp or harsh conditions. Optionally a 1-3 digit addressing can be activated.
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The SHT-12 C8D hand-held transmitter facilitates remote operation of up to 8 functions of a wireless module or receiver in the SH-12 wireless series. Functions 1-4 can be selected directly, functions 5-8 are triggered by using the shift key.

A blue LED indicates the transmission mode. It not only represents transmitted wireless signals but also provides information about the quality of the wireless communication and transmitter power supply. Depending on the circuitry in the wireless receiver, the red LED indicates either the status of the receiver power supply or receipt of confirmation from the receiver. A green LED illuminates when the second level for functions 5 - 8 is activated with the shift key. An integrated beeper also provides an acoustic signal as confirmation from the receiver. If confirmation is deactivated, each change of keyboard status is signalled instead.

It can be set whether addressing is deactivated or whether an address of length 1, 2 or 3 is to be used. During addressing, individual receivers can be specifically controlled in order to trigger one of the 8 functions of the transmitter. With the maximum address length of 3, up to 64 addresses are available. Thus, the transmitter can be learned by a receiver with one of 64 addresses. After entering an address and subsequently triggering a function, only the receiver with which this address was learned will react.

With the profile seal and a special keyboard film, the hand-held transmitter is well protected against mechanical impact and moisture and can be used in harsh and damp environments. Ergonomics and design bring an appealing external appearance and technology together in harmony.

The hand-held transmitters in the SH-12 wireless series have extremely low interference because of their special transmission properties. With wireless transmission that is immune to interference and offers extremely short response times, ranges over 1000 m can be achieved. For strong, narrow-band interference or use of several parallel wireless systems, the working frequency can be set to meet individual needs. The transmitters are given a serial number in the factory. This provides greater security and turns every transmitter into a unique device that can be distinguished easily.

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development and configuration

Technical specifications

Control functions: 8 + Low.-Batt. + opt. Feedback
Order reference: SHT-12 C8D 8-channel hand-held transmitter
Temperature range: -20°C to +65°C
Item number: 01240.88
Power supply: 12V alkaline battery
Housing dimensions: approx. 100 x 42 x 20 mm
Frequency: 433,62 or 434,22 MHz
Scope of supply: Hand-held transmitter, carry loop and battery
Housing colour: Light grey
Protection type: IP54
Signaling: Visual with 3 LEDs and acoustic with beeper
EAR Registrierungsnummer: WEEE-Reg.-Nr. DE 31113729


Manual 8-channel hand-held transmitter SHT-12 C8D with seal

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